Visiting a church for the first time can be a bit daunting!  We are all imperfect people, learning and growing, trying our best to be what we need to be to help others along the way.  We’re glad to see you, your family members, and any friends you bring along!

We aren’t here to judge. There is no standard to measure up to or dress codes. We’re just a casual, country church. Our members are regular folks, trying to make ends meet, looking for encouragement, and for bonding with like-minded Christians.  Striving for healthy relationships, trying to understand a “hopeless” culture, looking for encouragement, trying to be a help to those who are confused and lost in this culture.

We worship Jesus, believe and study the Bible, pray, and encourage each other.  In terms that are easy for you to be able to understand and that you will then be able to connect to your everyday struggles in life.  We believe what the Bible says and apply its lessons to our times.  Open the Bible and read it, it makes a BIG difference!

What can you expect?

First, a friendly, atmosphere

Second, some help along the way—Others will greet and welcome you and help you find anything you need.

Third, a place where you fit—we can find something just for you to do.

Fourth, meaningful worship—We worship Jesus. The music is meaningful, enjoyable, and refreshing. Our goal is worship, not entertainment.

Fifth, practical Bible messages— Our pastor will teach through practical messages that apply God’s wisdom to everyday life situations.

Sixth, to be touched —Our goal—encouragement, and love. Whatever issues that you are facing, Jesus Christ will make a huge difference. Jesus presents the only hopeful answer!

We look forward to welcoming you this Sunday!