New Visitor? Check Here

1. Directions:    Easy to find, about 7 miles from Azle on 730 South.  From Azle, take 730 South towards Weatherford,  FM 1886 will be on the left.  Turn onto 1886 and we are the first driveway on the left.  It is the large pale yellow, metal building with a drive through porch and a sign over the doors at the side entrance.

2. Where to park:  Our parking lot is in front and around the side of the church. There is a drive through portico,  for dropping off a person who has a handicap or needs special assistance.  If unloading riders in this area, pull through carefully, watching for children or pedestrians exiting the building.

3. Getting around on the inside:  The main entrance is under the portico on the long side of the building. Through here you are in the foyer.  Further inside to the left are classrooms, nursery, kitchen, rest-rooms along both sides of the hall with the sanctuary to the right.

4. Worship Services:  10:30 a.m.   Worship lasts about 1 1/2 hours.  Immediately after praise music, children are dismissed to Children’s Church and then Pastor Baker brings the message. ending about 12:00, more or less.   At 5:00 p.m. men have a meeting and ladies have time of fellowship.  Sunday Evening Prayer Service starts at 6:00 p.m.  Visitors are always welcome no matter when they show up.  Don’t worry, just come in and take a seat.

5. What should I expect on Sunday morning? You will probably be met with smiles and handshakes.  Make your way into the sanctuary and feel free to sit anywhere you like. Many people come in early,  get a cup of coffee and visit with each other before classes or service.  You are welcome to join in at any time.

6. What will you learn?  We believe that through the preaching & teaching of God’s Word, we can learn, apply, & become what God wants us to be.   We have the opportunity each week to learn from verse by verse preaching,  as well as occasional topical studies.

7. Wednesday evenings?  Free meal for all at 6:30 p.m. then we do Bible Study.   If there are children, someone will take them to a class.

8. Childcare?   Nursery: For infants and toddlers up to age four.   Parents may stay until their child is comfortable in the nursery or they may stay the entire time if need be.  At 10:30 during regular worship time kids can participate in praise & worship in the sanctuary with their parents if they choose.

9. What type of worship music?  Our music comes from a variety of sources, from hymn books to contemporary praise & worship songs on a big screen.  If you are interested in being a part of the music ministries, either vocally or playing an instrument, please let us know. Your voice or instrumental talent will be welcomed here!  Music is being led by our worship leader, Lloyd McCarroll

10. Offering:  Am I expected to put money in the offering plate?  No.  An offering plate will be passed during Sunday morning worship service, but don’t feel that you need to make a donation.  As our guest, you aren’t expected to contribute to the offering.  We ask that you put in your visitor card if you choose to do so.  The offering is given by our members and regular attendees to give as the Lord has directed them.

11. What should I wear? On Sunday morning the men wear anything from blue jeans to suits.  Women wear jeans, slacks or dresses.  Wednesday nights are even more casual. Come as you are – we’ll be glad you’re here, no matter what you wear!

12. What should I bring with me? If you have a Bible, bring it with you. If not, we have Bibles available.  If you get cold, bring a sweater or jacket.

13. How do I join? An opportunity is given each Sunday at the close of service.  At this time, people needing prayer, anointing, to join the church, salvation, etc. are encouraged to come forward with whatever needs and concerns they may have.